Experts In Heavy Fuel Rotary Engines & Customized Heavy Fuel Systems For The UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Market.

Who We Are

ORBITAL POWER Designs, Develops and Manufactures the highest power density, heavy fuel rotary engines in the world. Our engines run on ANY FUEL – Gasolene, Jet Fuels, Kerosene, Bio-fuels etc.

Our engines are not based on old wankel technology but are designed from scratch solving the problems of overheating, air cooling, etc.

We have a range of proven engine for UAVs, Auxiliary power units, Power Generation.

We provide Award Winning Engineering services, Engine Test Cells and Engine Certification

Orbital Power Engines & Multi-Fuel Gensets

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Our News

Successful Share Rights Issue Secures Growth Capital for ORBITAL POWER

On the 9th February 2018, Orbital Power Ltd. closed a successful Share Rights Issue amongst its existing Shareholders securing [...]

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Live Generator Demonstrations at the Executive and Tactical Communications Forum – Dublin, Ireland March 2017

ORBITAL POWER was invited to attend the Prestigious “Executive and Tactical Communications Forum” in Dublin in March to demonstrate [...]

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VTOL Aerial Robot System (VARS)

The latest flight video of the amazing VARS from Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) showing great performance and stability. [...]

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